Documents in the ‘Software install’ folder

Software Install

Now you have the AirTalk ready it is time to install the software on your Macintosh.

Insert the disk (or diskimage) into your Macintosh.

Drag the left ‘AirTalk’-icon onto your Extentions folder.

Open the Chooser from the Apple Menu.

The AirTalk icon should appear in the Chooser.

Chooser setup

Connect your AirTalk with a Apple Modem/Printer cable to the serial port of your Mac and power the AirTalk using USB or ADB Passthrough.

Setup using Chooser

  • • Open the Chooser
  • • Click on the AirTalk icon
  • • A list with available (2.4Ghz) WiFi networks will be shown
  • • Select your WiFI network and connect
  • • Enter your WiFi credentials and press OK

When connected the LED at the WiFI section on the board will turn on.
You are now connected. Any connected LocalTalk devices should be reachable the way you are used to!

You need to enable File Sharing on the opposite Mac’s to have them available as fileserver in the Chooser. This can be done in the “File Sharing” (of earlier: Sharing) control panel:

Setup without Chooser

  • • Make sure your AirTalk is connected to power (either ADB or USB)
  • • Hold down the SETUP-button of the mainboard untill all LEDS are on
  • • Connect your computer to the ‘Airtalk-XXX’ network
  • • Use ‘airsetup’ as password for this WiFi network.
  • • Browse to, fill in your SSID (WiFi network name) and click on ‘Connect’.
  • • Your AirTalk is now connected and, a green LED on the Airtalk-device should we active.