Programming W32

We are now going to program the AirTalk board.


You will need the following:

  • USB to TTL Serial adapter
  • Download and install GIT (Windows)
  • Download the ESP-IDF installer (Universal Online 2.20 installer for Windows 10/11, use the default options)
  • Solder a 6-pinheader to J1 on the AirTalk board


Open the ESP-IDF 5.0 PowerShell
Browse to a working directory, like your desktop

cd ~\Desktop

Clone the GIT repository the following command

git clone
cd airtalk/

Start Compiling the firmware (This may take a while) build


Connect the TTL programmer to the AirTalk board to J1 with the supplied cable.
Make sure you match VCC (pin1) to the board to VCC on the AirTalk board.
When you use another TTL programmer then suggested above, make sure you connect it to J1 the right way!
Start programming with the following command (replace (PORT) with the COM port the programmer is connected to, like COM6) -p flash

The tool will wait for the ESP32 to be ready.
Click on both ‘RESET‘ and ‘SETUP‘ buttons simultaneously and release on the AirTalk board.
The programming will start and should finish quickly without errors.

You can now safely disconnect the plug from J1 on the AirTalk board.

Your AirTalk board is now ready for assembling!