AirTalk is a dongle that extends a LocalTalk (or PhoneNet, or equivalent) network over WiFi. AirTalk is a device designed by cheesestraws and make use of the TashTalk PIC controller created by Tashtari.

AirTalk is intended to be as user friendly and plug and play as I can make it. It requires no software on the Mac or LocalTalk device to use it, the Chooser extension only sets it up, so it will work with things like printers or routers as well as with Macs. You can even connect to a Mini vMac emulator (with the beta LocaTalk option enabled) on your WiFi network!

It has a serial port, where you can either plug in a modem cable to a single LocalTalk device (Mac, printer, router, etc) or plug a LocalTalk or PhoneNet box in to add it to the end of a whole LocalTalk network. It can either get its power from Micro USB or from an ADB passthrough.

This website intended to help you by building your own AirTalk. I will try to explain everything as clear as possible, but still; some knowledge of programming IC’s, creating PCB’s and soldering is helpful.