Is this a new LocalTalk to EtherTalk gateway?
No. If you have more modern OS 9 Macs with AirPort cards on the same WiFi network as AirTalk machines, they will not be able to see each other.

Can this be used on a LocalTalk segment with multiple computers on it?
Yes. But, it isn’t like a USB wifi dongle which plugs into only one machine, you can use it to bridge a whole network to WiFi. Any computer on the LocalTalk segment can configure it through the Chooser.

How does it perform compared with LocalTalk?
Transferring bulk from Mini vMac to a LocalTalk client on a segment on its own (so just the computer plugged into the dongle), I was getting close to the theoretical maximum throughput for LocalTalk. When both ends of the connection are on WiFi, sustained transfers are good, but latency is noticeably higher compared to “real” LocalTalk, simply because WiFi latency is higher than LocalTalk latency. This noticeably affects things like how quickly folder windows populate, because there’s multiple roundtrips involved in getting that information.

What does it require from my network?
Not much. All you need is a WiFi AP that can shunt IP multicast around properly. Most of them can, and if zeroconf/mDNS/Bonjour work on your network, then it’ll be fine.

What kind of cable do i need to use to my Airtalk device?
You need a crosswired (Apple language “Modem”) DIN8 cable, just like you are connecting 2 Macintoshes together. Straight wired cables will not work.

Is Airtalk a modem emulator?
No. Airtalk is not a modem emulator. It will not allow you to connect to, say, an IP network using emulated PPP.

How many Airtalks do i need?
If you only get one AirTalk, you will be basically limited to networking with Mini vMac at this point

Can i use an Airtalk as serial extender?
No. AirTalk is not a generic serial/RS232 extender. If, for example, you have a non-LocalTalk printer, you can’t stick two AirTalks between the printer and the computer and expect it to work. There are plenty of options for this already, I believe. AirTalk is a wireless networking dongle.​

Can i use 5Ghz WiFi, or WEP or WPA Enterprise encryption?
No. AirTalk does not do 5GHz WiFi, only 2.4GHz. It does not support WEP or WPA Enterprise, because the first is unsafe and the latter suggests you’re plugging this into a corporate network which sounds like a bad idea.

Can i connect to unencrypted 2.4Ghz WPA(2) networks?
Yes, but you shouldn’t do it unless you have absolutely no other choice.

Can i use Airtalks without a DHCP server running?
No. Your WiFi needs to be handing out IP addresses over DHCP—if you haven’t deliberately turned this off it probably is—and it needs to be able to pass multicast. Nearly all modern WiFi does.​

Can I connect to newer Macs?
You can also network with (at time of writing) the beta of Mini vMac with ‘LocalTalk’ compiled, though I’m sure this code will make it into production sooner or later.

How can i factory reset an AirTalk?
You can use both the “AirTalk FactoryReset” application or reset your device holding the SETUP button until all LEDS are on.