Parts needed

Well begun is half done. We are going to use the following parts for building the AirTalk device.
Make sure you have them around before starting this adventure!

You will need the following parts:

  • • 1x Mini DIN8 (AMP partnr: 5749268-1, set link)
  • • 2x Mini DIN4 (AMP partnr: 5749264-1, set link)
  • • 1x PIC12(L)F1840 (Datasheet, link)
  • • 1x USB to TTL Serial adapter with FTDI FT232RL Adapter (link)
  • • 1x PICKIT3 programmer kit (link)
  • • 1x PICKIT3 programmer seatboard (link)
  • • 1x Apple DIN8 Serial Cable (Apple Part#: 590-0552-A, link)
  • • 1x Apple ADB cable (Apple Part#: 590-0361-B, link)
  • or a Micro USB changer instead of a ADB cable, both will work
  • • 4 x M3x15mm nylon standoffs (female/female)
  • • 4 x M3x5mm nylon standoffs (female/female)
  • • 4 x M3x15mm (or M3x12mm) nylon screws
  • • 4 x M3x5mm nylon screws
  • • 1x AirTalk mainboard (see next step for getting this board via JLCPCB, or buy here)